Millions of people from all around the world connect on eBay.?Each time that happens—about?75 times every?second—something positive occurs in the world. We created?Everyday Heroes to tell the stories of the people of eBay who are?making an extraordinary difference in the lives of others.

The ABCs of business eBay in the Classroom

Garden City Montessori  |  Alison Chapman

Garden City Montessori school teacher, Alison Chapman, was brainstorming a program that would help teach her first, second, and third grade students a little about business. She decided to set up a store on eBay and empower her class of 6- to 9-year-olds to become entrepreneurs.

“I wanted to do something totally out of the box,” said Alison. “eBay was a huge part of my life when I was a stay at home mom to help pay bills, so I was familiar with how easy it was to setup. It’s a simple team-building concept that applies the lessons they’re learning in school.”

The business model is simple. The students bring in items from home that they think would sell on eBay. They break into groups to handle different parts of the listing process: measuring the item, taking photos, and researching listing prices. Alison leads a weekly business meeting to go over items sold, new items that need to be listed—emphasizing a different business concept to the students each week.

What’s more, the students donate 100% of their sales to local charities. By adding charitable partners to their listing through the eBay for Charity program, the students can send all proceeds directly to the causes they choose. The students nominate a new charity every month.

“Our community is very giving. I wanted them to learn why charitable organizations need to exist in our towns, and in towns around the world, because without donations they cannot run. They love knowing that they are helping out in some way,” said Allison.

Sharing kindness with strangers Hope After Harvey

Ann Dahms, eBay Shopper

Shirley Hines has lived in Houston for most of her life. ?She has been through hurricanes and floods before. But Harvey was different. When her shoes began to float in her bedroom, Shirley sought higher ground. But all she found were more flooded streets. For two days, Shirley waited in her flooded car for help.

When Shirley returned to pick through what was left of her home, one particular item stood out: A treasured set of cups passed down from her mother were cracked and left in pieces.?The New York Times?wrote a story?about Harvey’s devastation, highlighting Shirley’s broken teacups.

Thousands of miles away, in Frederick, Maryland, Ann Dahms read about Shirley and decided she needed to do something to help replace those cups. “I recognized what that cup meant to her, and I knew that somewhere out there, there would be another cup…and wouldn’t you know, eBay had it.”

Ann found a set of cups just like the ones destroyed by the storm and sent them to Shirley in what she says was just a simple act of kindness.

When Shirley received the eBay package in the mail from Ann, she was shocked. “That was the most beautiful thing that I think anybody has ever done for me,” said Shirley.

eBay arranged a surprise meeting between Shirley and Ann in Houston.

“Shirley’s very obviously a woman of great dignity and courage, and it’s always good to be in the presence of people like that,” said Ann.

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